Our goal: to help you go about your business with complete trust and peace of mind.

At CarteSoft, we are here to help others go about their business with complete trust and peace of mind.

Whatever storms are heading your way, we will be there with you to steer you safely to shore.

Why choose us? Because we take pleasure in resolving your technological challenges.

Our values

At CarteSoft, we go about our business with passion and humanity.

Here are the values we hold especially dear.


To us, means:

Using the unexplored as our playground.


To our minds this means:

Not turning away from a challenge but going a step further so we can celebrate together at the finish line.


For us means :

Defending our clients, projects, ideas and values, through thick and thin.


We believe that being effective means:

Moving heaven and earth for our clients, without taking unnecessary risks.

Our current vacancies

The team

CarteSoft is a close-knit team. We are passionate about technological challenges.

Also, we often look for new colleagues to take on new challenges with us.

Damien Navez


Loïc Timsonet


Emilien Devos


Simon Hurion


Dylan Magonette


Why not yourself ?


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