Container orchestrators

We have been working with container-based architecture since 2014 and we very quickly became interested in looking at what was available to make these types of architecture highly available and secure.

Container-based architecture

We use 3 container orchestrators to achieve highly demanding security and availability objectives.

3 types of container orchestrators :

  • Docker Swarm, orchestrator developed by Docker;
  • Kubernetes, the market standard. This is an Open Source project launched by Google;
  • OpenShift is an Open Source project launched by Redhat based on Kubernetes and for which Redhat distributes a paid-for subscription.

The advantages of our management policy :

The building of an infrastructure that is :

  • resilient;
  • highly available;
  • highly secure.

Detailed management :


  • with these systems being updated every 3 monthsand decommissioning them 6 months before the end of the support period;
  • daily backupsof the infrastructure and storing them for a period corresponding to your retention period.

Our added value ?

  • Our mastery of all 3 market orchestrators allows us to guide you on the orchestrator that best suits your needs according to your technical, budgetary and architectural constraints;
  • Our certified personnel for this platform;
  • Our ability to work hand in hand with development teams.

Our charging system


Hourly rate

The different services we provide are charged by variable rates. Contact us for the full range of options. Contact us for the full range of options.

Support contract

Convinced that we work most effectively when we know our partners well, we offer support contracts of varying durations according to your needs and projects.

We have been working with Cartesoft since 2009 They have helped us to see several projects through to completion:server park installation/migration, Oracle database management, Oracle ID management, setting up an OpenShift environment and maintenance contract.

We especially appreciated their high degree of availability and themeasures they took at different levels which were both proactive and reactive. CarteSoft is also accustomed to looking for solutions that are in line with our budget.

If I were asked to highlight 3 of their biggest strengths, I would say: competence,direct lines of communicationand personalised customer service.

We appreciate the type of client relationship they offer us: a constructive basis for pushing thoughsolutions that will work over the long term.

We are only too pleased to recommend this long-standing partner who develops bespoke solutions in line with URBSFA’s IT strategy.

Landsheere Koen

Agile digital IT Manager, URBSFA

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